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The Art of Sustainability (AoS ) belongs to story of Sustainability stretching  back to the 1950’s and currently as an  Award  winning venue of which AoS is an educational outreach.

Sustainability is too big for any one person to be an ‘expert’.

That’s why AoS is collaborative bringing together expertise into a single Forum covering systems and behavioural change towards Well Being for all life on Earth.

We share a commonality that a different practical approach is needed if we are to negotiate away from ongoing Business-as-Usual crises such as climate change, biodiversity loss and species mass extinction, ocean plastics, covid19 to mention only a few and this will require thinking creatively and taking brave steps both personally and professionally,

The Forum has three “languages” : Self (Sustainability begins with your Self), Academic (Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship – ESDGC) and Corporate (Government & Non Government – GO & NGO).

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