The Art of Sustainability

Educational Events, Facilitation & Consultation in Sustainability


Moving towards Circular Design within the Circular Economy


Covid19 has tested and found wanting many organisational structures.

Building back better will require resiliency to the uncertain impacts such as the climate emergency will bring about. 

Circularity can help your organisation mitigate and adapt giving better certainty through reducing energy and resource waste while shortening supply chains.

Governments are actively moving in this direction.

Sustainability is increasingly key to organisations’ 4C’s Compliance & legal, Costs & risks, Colleague and Customer retention & attraction.

We offer a portfolio of modules that you can choose standalone or in combination to fit your requirements.

Do you need help with your Sustainable Strategy and Leadership skills?

We will enliven your visioning through hands on activities and support with the tools and methodologies to harness the potential of your Sustainable strategy.

To deliver your strategy you will need a team conversant, bonded and motivated to deliver.

We can help support you through our approach of embedding Sustainability into the activities; engaging your team through fun team building amid beautiful natural surroundings in an award winning Sustainable venue with locally sourced home made food.

Suitable for anyone working in an organisation this immersive experience looks to engender an emotional connection with nature while delivering the knowledge and skills to become Carbon Literate

The Circular Economy

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