The Art of Sustainability

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What is Sustainability?

In a dictionary Sustainability is usually defined as the ability to maintain itself avoiding depletion.

This also gives itself to a Framework at its simplest defined as:

Outcome with interdependent Dimensions and Goals

It is working within this Framework that transforms an Activity or Organisation into a Sustainable one as it directs effort towards common Outcomes.

The United Nations

The Outcome is “Sustainable Development is development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs” 

There are 3 Dimensions: Social, Economic and Environment containing 17  international Goals (Sustainable Development Goals or SDG’s).

These 3 Dimensions can be further encompassed within a Worldview/Cultural Dimension in which they belong for example: Forest, Marine, Desert, Urban, Muslim, Christian, Secular, Democratic, Autocratic etc.

AoS is based in Monmouthshire, Wales

The Welsh government is the first in the world to pass legislation enshrining Sustainability as its central organising principle.

The Outcome is Well Being of Future Generations (Wales) with 4 Dimensions: Social, Economic. Environmental and Cultural containing 7 Goals.