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Carbon Literacy & Well Being for Organisations

The Carbon Literacy Project offers everyone a day’s worth of Certified Carbon Literacy learning, covering – climate change, carbon footprints, how you can do your bit, and why it’s relevant to people and organisations.

The Carbon Literacy Project is globally unique. It was recognised as such by the UN at COP21, in Paris, where it was awarded as a TAP100, one of 100 worldwide Transformative Action Programs.

Steven England has embedded his The Wellness of Being (WoB) methodology into Carbon Literacy delivering an immersive experience.

Able to deliver In-Person, Online or Blended Steve engages directly or through multimedia to provide an emotional connection with Nature while delivering the Knowledge and Skills needed to become Carbon Literate.

“Feeling fortunate to have completed my Carbon Literacy training with The Art of Sustainability. This course shared the cold hard facts of Carbon Literacy delicately intertwined with nature and mindfulness. Encouraging connection and awareness of our true nature and feelings around this topic.

For many years we have assumed that sharing the ever increasing catastrophic facts of our deteriorating climate and environmental damage will catapult audiences into action, but this has, for the most part, failed. It is our ‘human nature’, our feeling selves that is often left out of the conversation. Whilst we like to think of ourselves as rational beings, for the most part our emotions are what cause us to act, or not.

Facing the facts is hard and whilst we need to educate we must also provide the tools to emotionally handle the information and equip individuals & organisations to feel empowered to act and realise the possibilities, potential and gain of a new path.” 

“Art of Sustainability Carbon Literacy Training was informative, playful, and grounding.

After content was delivered, we have regular check-ins for feelings, rather than simply our thoughts on the content. I found this made the course easier to digest and participate in, as our engagement didn’t rely on our previous knowledge on the subject matter, but how in the present moment we respond to the information shared. This awareness of feeling should carry through when we approach the climate crisis with our individual and organisational actions.

Our facilitator was reassuring, and created an online environment that was both thorough with learning and gentle in delivery. With a mix of videos, reading, activities, meditations, and group conversation, the content was well distributed and well led.

Am really pleased to have chosen to enrol in Art of Sustainability’s Carbon Literacy course. Mental health is such a key strand of my organisation’s ethos, and this training has offered a new angle to explore conversations on our carbon impact, which I can see being well-received and effective in my own organisation.”  Rosanna Foster Creative Youth Network

“I think everyone should attend the Art of Sustainability. We need to be more aware of what our actions are doing to the planet globally and personally. This course provides that insight.”

“I came to [the] course with some experience in climate science due to my current active role in the sector, but the course surprisingly rich and full of other elements apart from the physics and chemistry of the climate. I learnt about the connection of wellbeing and sustainability and how to deal with climate anxiety. Came out of the course I felt refreshed, my eyes were opened, and hopeful!” Nico,  Kairen Ecosolution

“This course was very meaningful to me. I already had training about the climate crisis and the anthropogenic nature of this. What it gave me was a different and valuable perspective on how to present this information to enable real engagement with the facts, retention of information and agency to make changes personally and inspire change in others. I have already utilised some of the strategies I learnt and had positive outcomes.” Talie Smith,  Nottingham Playhouse Theatre

“The Sustainability and Wellbeing course was great, so useful to see how the two important themes fit together.”

“The course exceeded my expectations. I was pleased that the facilitator integrated wellness and emotion into the learning.”  Alexis Fuller,  Cambridge University Press and Assessment”

“…a refreshing and informative take on the complex topic of Climate Change. The workshop delivered rich details and statistics, while countering the traditional workshop framework of “dumping” information with many pauses, mindful breaks, and meaningful, reflective conversations amongst the attendees. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to engage with colleagues, peers, neighbors, and family members in a more impactful and thought-provoking manner around this often sensitive and intricate issue.” Deva Jebb-Albaba,  Education Consultant