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The Wellness of Being

The Wellness of Being® (WoB) is Steven England‘s methodology developed through his phenomenological & arts based Research in Action employing pedagogical, social prescribing (specifically meditation & mindfulness) and biophilic methods for delivering Well Being within the Framework of Sustainability.

The Wellness of Being Programme embeds WoB into an annual rolling programme of events that follow the Sun as it journeys through the seasons allowing us to connect with Nature and find Resiliency within our Self.

There are six events in the programme

The Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn Workshops are designed to bring a sense of seasonal connection while gently introducing ways of realising the potential of Sustainability to deliver Well Being.

In the Summer and Winter Solstice meditations on or near the 21st of June and Dec we bring our focus to the six key themes of Meditation and Mindfulness covered in the Workshops: Permissioning, Concentration, Returning, Patience, Enjoying and Letting Go, to help deepen the connection with Nature and build Self Resiliency.

Hosted at our Award winning Sustainable venue The Wye Valley Sculpture Garden you can choose individual events or the whole programme.

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