Carbon Literacy & Well Being for Organisations Online Open Course Session 2 Facilitated – Jul 25 or Aug 22 or Sep 12


  Online Open

Enrol today as we explore the potential of SDG13 Climate Action with SDG3 Health & Wellbeing.

“The course exceeded my expectations. I was pleased that the facilitator integrated wellness and emotion into the learning.”  Alexis Fuller Cambridge University Press and Assessment

Structured into three Exercises: Chemistry & Physics; the Science (IPCC) & Participant Engagement each containing course content and Participant activities.

The first two Core Exercises undertaken in the Self Paced Session 1 are prerequisites to this course.

This Facilitated third Exercise building on session 1 supports how Participants will engage with the Climate Emergency both personally and professionally and directed towards completion of the Participants Details Evidence form required for Carbon Literacy Certification with outcomes “within your individual control to reduce carbon footprint…and create at least one significant new action involving other people to reduce collective carbon footprint via your workplace, community or place of education.”

Within this Participants also cover:

    • Climate Change Committee NetZero guidance
    • Their own local and global context
    • Adaptation and Mitigation strategies
    • Communicating and Motivating skills
    • Equity and Fairness

Engagement with the Climate Emergency is not only about knowledge and action it’s also an emotional journey.  Using The Wellness of Being Methodology introduced in session 1 we include awareness of the Climate Emotional Spectrum; namely how do we do the work and maintain our own well-being alongside emotional intelligence and compassionate competencies supporting our Self and when engaging with others.

We bring nature into the experience through video to provide an emotional backdrop. We want our Participants to feel their connection with nature and that engaging with Climate Action is about gaining Wellbeing for them, theirs and all life on earth.

 Standard course

28 day access online materials after course completion

We do not provide downloadable materials but rather direct you towards freely available resources and encourage you to be Self-inquisitive. Climate Action requires cultivating resiliency, enquiry, inquisitiveness and checking as it is constantly evolving. It is important Participants as ChangeAgents feel competent in their own subject matter. This also helps keep our digital footprint low.

 Facilitated Session:

Thursday 13:00 – 17:00 UK

 Digital Carbon Literacy Certificate on successful completion plus £12

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Safeguarding: The contents on this course are for educational purposes in Sustainability only and not as substitute professional or otherwise healthcare advice.

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