SELF Wellness of Being Summer Solstice


Summer Solstice Meditations

Monday 21st June 2022


Wye Valley Sculpture Garden, Tintern Wales

Cost £10

Meditation is primarily concerned with Being fully present.

Mindfulness is bringing this Being into our daily life.

To achieve this we must first know what relaxed feels like for our Self individually in order to have a baseline with which to check in and work on building Self Resiliency for Sustainability.

This may at first sound simple but in our busy, stressful world it can prove very hard to achieve especially without training and support.

The Wellness of  Being programme includes six key principles of Meditation and Mindfulness to help us as we work towards delivering Sustainability.

Permissioning, Concentration, Returning, Patience, Enjoying & Letting Go.

These are designed to help you Reconnect your Self with Nature drawing deeply from our Living Earth to become a Champion for Sustainability and Regenerative change.

The Wellness of Being is a programme of events that follow the sun as it journeys through the seasons; allowing our Self to reconnect and simply be with the natural world.

There are six events in the programme 

Beginning with the Winter Solstice meditations on or near 21st Dec we then collect for the Winter and Spring Worskshops. Next are the Summer Solstice meditations on or near the 21st June, followed by the Summer and Autumn Workshops.

And so on deepening our connection with our Self and the natural world. 

You can attend as a programme or individual events. Steve England holds these events: 

We hold the Wellness of Being events at various locations and dates so for this and more about us please Keep in Touch

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